Smart Charging

EV charging is about so much more than just a plug. It is a valuable tool that can simplify your life. Vehicle refuelling is being replaced by vehicle recharging, make sure you get the right smart-networked technology to complement your needs.


ChargePoint® Technology

For 10 years ChargePoint have been collecting unique data on how EV drivers go about charging their cars, you can collect the same unique data to spot trends in your own charging system. RAW Charging are providing ChargePoint’s industry leading back-office, driver app, and user-interface.


Made possible with The Cloud

We can customise each station to your specific requirements enabling you to provide the best solution for you, your employees or your customers.

We know that EV charging is so much more than a plug and service and maintenance are critical to what we are offering at RAW charging.

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Analytics and dashboard management

With the online dashboard you can track how your charging stations are being used.

You can view how long people are using them for, your energy usage and station status. The system can also let you know whether it’s cost effective to install more units.



We offer the most comprehensive support, maintenance and warranty programme in the industry. Assure covers everything you need to keep your EV charging systems up and running.

With the package, ChargePoint have responsibility for fixing hardware issues by providing special parts, labour and management of repairs with their expert support specialists.

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Fixed fast

ChargePoint EV charging stations are the most advanced and reliable in the world. But wear and tear occurs, site conditions can change and accidents or equipment failures can happen.

With this comprehensive care plan, we can guarantee that your station will be fully operational 98% of the time. An EV charging station is a smart investment, so it’s smart to protect it with the best warranty.


The Mobile App

When you purchase a ChargePoint system you will get access to the mobile app. It has been designed with both EV drivers and station owners in mind.

Drivers can find ChargePoint stations to see if they’re available before they arrive. And station owners can manage their system’s visibility to the public and monitor other key metrics from wherever they are. With extensive features on the mobile app, charging is made simple and convenient, transferring the benefits of EVs to everyone involved.



Waitlist lets drivers join a charging station’s virtual queue and wait until a station becomes available.

If you are a business that is offering EV charging to customers or staff, Waitlist ensures that drivers can make the most of their time and use your charging facilities efficiently. It allows you to spot usage trends and manage the peak demand economically.


Flexible Billing

You can easily adjust and manage the pricing across all of your charging stations with the touch of a button. Better still, you can apply a bespoke range of prices to different drivers or to different charge points however you like.

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Simple billing

You will have the ability to charge by hour or kWh (kilowatt hour), by time of day or by customer type.

You could offer your employees free parking but may choose to make visitors pay for charging. The revenue from any power you sell is transferred once a month directly into your bank account.


Power Management

The intelligent power management software automatically controls the output of any charging station, or group of stations in real-time to efficiently allocate the available power supply between vehicles and to ensure the total capacity isn’t overloaded.


Customisable and convenient

The system allows you to set power consumption ceilings per circuit, per distribution panel or per site. The ChargePoint network then intelligently ensures that these ceilings are never exceeded.

The end result is that you can defer or avoid expensive electricity upgrades and reduce additional infrastructure requirements. It also means you can avoid expensive electricity demand charges at different times of day


Fleet Vehicle Management

RAW Charging offer ChargePoint’s unique integrated fleet management solution that is specifically designed for electric fleets of all shapes and sizes. It becomes an extremely useful asset management tool that can add value and save money.


Full visibility

You can track energy and station usage or activate specific RFID cars for vehicle different types. The ChargePoint cloud integrates other fleet telematics and comprehensive data to enable your business to forecast transport activities.

Running an electric fleet means you are part of a larger electric mobility ecosystem. Only ChargePoint’s fleet management technology gives fleet managers the tools to get the most out of every part of this ecosystem.

Our solutions

We provide EV charging solutions that can meet individual user needs and commercial technical requirements.


In your home

Arrive home and plug in so you are ready for your next journey.

Benefit from cheaper charging electricity while you sleep and make your daily routine more convenient.


On the go

Help customers and staff back on the road when they need fast turnarounds.

Maximise your revenues and provide high speed charging in busy locations and adjacent to major roads.

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At work

EV drivers see all parking spaces as an opportunity to charge.

Provide an amenity for your employees or an additional offering for your customers.