Electric Vehicle Charging

As an Official ChargePoint® Partner, RAW Charging offers state of the art Electric Vehicle charging solutions. They are simple, scalable and user-friendly. So whether it’s for your family at home or for your employees, customers and visitors elsewhere, you know it’s the best.

More than just a plug

Our Smart Electric Vehicle charging solutions are about so much more than just a plug. See how businesses and EV drivers everywhere are benefiting.

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Sophisticated Simplicity

The EV charging systems provide bespoke hassle-free charging solutions.

Drivers and station owners alike benefit from our multiple featured offerings.

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Boost your Business

Our EV charging solutions are fast becoming an important business tool.

Use EV charging to both attract more customers and motivate your employees.

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24/7 Support

As your charging system grows it will quickly become complex to manage.

With around-the-clock data and analytics you will get full visibility of your system.

Our solutions

We are able to provide EV charging solutions that can meet individual user needs and commercial technical requirements.


At work

EV drivers see all parking spaces as an opportunity to charge.

Provide an amenity for your employees or an additional offering for your customers.

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On the go

Help customers and staff back on the road when they need fast turnarounds.

Maximise your revenues and provide high speed charging in busy locations and adjacent to major roads.

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In your home

Arrive home and plug in so you are ready for your next journey.

Benefit from cheaper charging electricity while you sleep and make your daily routine more convenient.

How can I pay?

By offering flexible payment methods and a straightforward installation process, we will make sure that you can get the right solution at at the right price.

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Pay to Charge

Have all the benefits of our charging systems installed for free and earn a revenue share.

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Upfront Payment

You can make a payment upfront and get it installed right away. You pay an annual subscription for everything else.

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Hire Purchase

Make payments for the hardware, installation and the annual subscription in smaller installations.

Expertise and industry leading technology

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2007, ChargePoint brings EV charging to more people and places than any other provider with the world’s largest and most open advanced EV charging network. Boasting 68,000+ network-connected EV chargers worldwide, its share of the US EV charging network is over 70%.


Signature Partner

We're proud to be a Signature EU and UK ChargePoint Partner. Just like our friends at ChargePoint, we're committed to an Electric Vehicle future.

ChargePoint designs, builds and supports all of the technology that powers its network; from charging station hardware to energy management software and a mobile app.


A RAW Company

Renewable energy is set to play the commanding role in the future energy provision for our society. RAW Charging, a subsidiary of Real Asset Wealth Ltd, is passionately committed to a sustainable energy future.

The company’s mission is to positively and significantly contribute to the transition of our energy supply network away from fossil fuels. So it is leading the way in the development of renewable energy assets to meet the demand for EVs.