Electric Vehicle charging on the go

Rapid chargers allow businesses, councils, fleet operators and large vehicle depots to benefit from fast turnaround charging. We can make sure you’ve got a suitable site and are in the right location to make the most of on the go charging.


The ChargePoint® CPE250

These days, EV Drivers want to find a place to charge on the go as well as when they're parked up. We can get you the industry's best rapid Electric Vehicle charger so your business or your local area can benefit.


The best available

The CPE 250 is safe and made to last, with fast charging speeds of 62.5 kW. Better still, it's future proofed with tried and tested fast charging speeds of 350+ kW.

If you need quick turnaround charging for customers or your fleet this charging station is the market standard in fast charging technology. It's built with neat features such as a swing cable system, cooling modules and a built-in camera for security; this is a top piece of kit. We provide infrastructural expertise to take the hassle out of installing this equipment.


Open Network

The EV charging solutions we offer benefit from being connected to each other. They are part of ChargePoint's open network, the world's largest open charging network. And you can benefit from this interconnectivity.


Electric Vehicle range

Travelling on long journeys used to be a limitation to the driving habits of EV owners. But with a fully open resource at your fingertips, the ChargePoint infrastructure makes a fully EV future a realisation.

By choosing a public-facing charger you will attract existing EV drivers to your business or organisation to use your systems. And that means they could be paying to charge their EV while spending money on your business.


Quality and Reliability

We can provide in-depth electrical grid analysis to determine the best way to charge up your vehicle fleets. Or any other large electric machine for that matter.


Fast charging for your fleet or delivery depots

The high power ChargePoint DC systems that we provide are modular in scale and ChargePoint's cloud provides real-time data and analytics on all charging activity within your system.

Our high-power charging solutions will ensure peace of mind so that you can meet tight deadlines, delivery schedules and reducing operating costs. EV charging is more than just a plug.


Additional Income

You can increase revenue at your business or organisation by providing a public-facing EV charging system. And using the EV charge point that we offer makes that opportunity easy to gain from.


Public facing charge points

If you are located near a motorway or a major road and think you have a sufficient power supply then this EV charging solution presents a great opportunity for your local area.

You can make your business the preferred destination for EV drivers to stop and charge while they are out and about. And if your business is situated nearby you can watch footfall increase and revenues rise.

How can I pay for my Smart EV charger?

By offering flexible payment methods and a straightforward installation process, we will make sure that you get the right solution at at the right price.


Pay to Charge

Have all the benefits of our charging systems installed for free and earn a revenue share.


Upfront Payment

You can make a payment upfront and get it installed right away. You pay an annual subscription for everything else.


Hire Purchase

Make payments for the hardware, installation and the annual subscription in smaller installations.