Request a free survey

If you are interested in getting an EV charge point for you, your business or your local area then we will help you get it. We’ve got a really simple payment and installation process.

Just fill out the form at the link below and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can to commence our site survey. We will also let you know whether we need to arrange a site visit if necessary.

What happens next?

Once you’ve filled out the form and requested a free site survey we can check if we’ve got the right solution for you. Then we’ll be in touch to explain the installation costs and everything else you need to know about the EV charge point.

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Site Survey

We will gather all the necessary information about your location and your charging requirements.

And then if we need to, we'll come to the site and have a look around.

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Proposal and Agreement

We will send over what we think is the best charging solution, the plan for getting it there and the most suitable payment option for you and why.

If you are happy then we can sign the relevant agreement.

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Install and setup

Our nationwide network of certified and qualified ChargePoint installers will fit and setup your system with care.

We sort out everything from transporting the equipment to getting it into the ground.

How can I pay?

By offering flexible payment methods and a straightforward installation process, we will make sure that you can get the right solution at at the right price.

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Free to fit

Have all the benefits of our charging systems installed for free at no cost to you and earn a revenue share.

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Full payment

You can make a payment upfront and get it installed right away. You pay an annual subscription for everything else.

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Finance plans

Make payments for the hardware, installation and the annual subscription in smaller installations.

Our solutions

We are able to provide EV charging solutions that can meet individual user needs and commercial technical requirements.


At work

EV drivers see all parking spaces as an opportunity to charge.

Provide an amenity for your employees or an additional offering for your customers.

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On the go

Help customers and staff back on the road when they need fast turnarounds.

Maximise your revenues and provide high speed charging in busy locations and adjacent to major roads.

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In your home

Arrive home and plug in so you are ready for your next journey.

Benefit from cheaper charging electricity while you sleep and make your daily routine more convenient.