EV charging at your workplace

Every parking space is an opportunity for an EV driver to charge. Your organisation can benefit by providing EV charging systems and we can ensure you get the most from your EV charge point.


The ChargePoint® CP4100 and CP4300

We can get you the very best Electric Vehicle charging solutions for your business or your customers. If you are new to the world of Electric Vehicles, you can save on the costly investment of large systems by starting out small.

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Small change, big impact

You only need to add one charging unit to your business or workplace to experience how easy EV Smart Charging should be.

Electric Vehicle usage is rising around the country and the need for businesses to introduce charge points is increasing too. The integrated intelligent charging system records the power usage patterns and can determine the most cost-effective way to expand your network as demand continues to rise.


Networked Charging and The Cloud

EV drivers now expect to be able to charge up wherever they park. By choosing a networked charging solution, you won't have to deal with clumsy charging management systems that cater for lots of EV drivers.


Anytime, anywhere

EV charging really is about more than just a plug. As a ChargePoint Partner, we offer their market-leading EV charging solution that includes 24/7 driver support, cloud-based software with multiple real-time features designed for specific industries and world-class service and maintenance.

Get in touch to find out about the fantastic features that a centrally controlled cloud solution can provide you with.


Make money

See how improving amenities and provisions at your work can improve your bottom line too. Increase customer dwell time in your store or at your business and seize the opportunity for increased revenue.

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Benefits and revenue

Retail businesses around the world are realising that when they provide EV charging facilities for customers, they plug in, stay longer in store, and spend more money. We can show you exactly how this is possible with a system demonstration.


Getting the best

To attract and retain high quality employees, ensure you can provide EV charging for them. We'll make sure your EV users get the very best charging system.


Attract and retain the best employees

Sources show that having EV charging available at work makes employees 20X more likely to drive electric.

People want to work for green companies. By providing EV charging solutions for your staff you will also achieve sustainability goals as EVs are zero-carbon.


Hassle free

You don't need to worry about expensive electricity upgrades when we get you a new EV charging system. The solutions we offer have intelligent power management software that avoid the need altogether.


Keep it simple

The EV charging system we provide includes Power Management software that intelligently controls the available electricity supply and distributes it so that every EV gets an adequate charge without overloading the power network.

How can I pay for my Smart EV charger?

By offering flexible payment methods and a straightforward installation process, we will make sure that you get the right solution at at the right price.


Pay to Charge

Have all the benefits of our charging systems installed for free and earn a revenue share.


Upfront Payment

You can make a payment upfront and get it installed right away. You pay an annual subscription for everything else.


Hire Purchase

Make payments for the hardware, installation and the annual subscription in smaller installations.